Hope Street CMC - History of Hope

Hope Street CMC was birthed in 2004 at Glenview Nazarene Church. The earliest beginnings of this ministry were found as a group of Ministry Development Centre Online Students (formerly The Medicine Hat Bible Institute) began going to the Champion´s Centre in Medicine Hat on Tuesday nights and serving the evening meal. Under the leadership of Dr. Dave Skidmore, Glenview Nazarene Church´s Senior Pastor, they also began to learn how to give proclamations of Kingdom Come to a group of people as they served them. Executive Director Murray Alan Kumm was one of these students. Through this weekly ministry, the worthy ones (Matthew 10:11) were identified and the ministry started to grow.
Hope Street CMC - Transitions of Hope

Street Church continued to meet weekly at the Champion´s Centre for the next few years. This body of believers continued to grow and move forward and eventually started a summer Barbecue service that took place in Riverside Park in downtown Medicine Hat. For the months of July and August, hamburgers and hot dogs as well as additional items were distributed freely to all who showed up. The service also consisted of various worship groups from our city and included preaching by many different clergy members.

In approximately 2009, Street Church found a new home in the gymnasium of St Barnabas Anglican Church located in downtown Medicine Hat. They graciously offered us their building and it came complete with a working kitchen to accommodate the start of a weekly meal. The Champion´s Centre has continued to be part of this weekly service by providing us soup and/or other items for our meal. We ventured out into the park for one more summer in 2009.

Hope Styreet CMC - Becoming the Hope of Today

In 2010, Street Church underwent a name change and adopted the Hope Street Church name. It was at this time that the summer barbecue moved to St Barnabas as we cooked 100 Hamburgers and 6-8 dozen hot dogs weekly to meet the demand of our congregation. The congregation continued to grow as we fed 60-85 individuals per week and supplied food hampers as the food became available.

In late 2010, Rev Murray Alan Kumm accepted the position as the Compassionate Ministries Resource Manager and started expanding the food ministry at Hope Street Church. In the fall of 2011, he accepted the role of Senior Pastor at Hope Street Church.

In 2013, Hope Street Church began the process of becoming Medicine Hat Hope Street Compassionate Ministry Centre or Hope Street CMC. We have received our Incorporation documents from the Province of Alberta (2013) to operate as a Religious Society. We also have received our Alberta license to operate as a non-profit organization. The process of receiving the Revenue Canada Non-Profit Status so we can issue Charitable Donation Receipts was completed in June of 2014. The transition from a Good Samaritan Church ministry to a full blown CMC will allow Hope Street CMC to expand and grow in the future. We continue to seek the Face of God as to what our future looks like. At this time, we are recognized as a Compassionate Ministry Centre within the Church of the Nazarene Canada and will continue to plow forward as we seek new ways to serve the very old, the very young and the working poor of our city!

Hope Street CMC - Family-Safe Meal

One of our Main Values is that we offer an environment where families, young and old, can come and feel safe while they are our Guests. A Family-Safe place is very important to the Staff, Volunteers, Board of Directors and Families that attend Hope Street CMC.

The food ministry of Hope Street CMC has transformed and grown over the past years. We no longer offer Food Hampers. We have since improved the quality and quantity of our Sunday meals and have expanded the menu. The first Sunday of each month now changes from soup to chili. We have started offering fresh salads as well as various fruits and vegetables each week with the meal. There is a food table where bread and buns as well as various other food items are placed out to be taken home. We continue to make the Peanut Butter Sandwich’s each week as supplies allow. We also offer gently used clothing the first Sunday of each month. Our weekly attendance numbers have grown to 75 – 85 Guests each week for our normal Sunday Meal; an average of 90-100 Guests for our Summer Barbecue and we just recently served 140+ Guests and 33 Volunteers the 2017 Christmas Meal on Dec 17, 2017.

The volunteers of Hope Street CMC are an incredibly compassionate and gifted group of believers who sacrificially give of their time every Sunday afternoon to serve Hope Street CMC Patrons. We currently have 2 teams of committed volunteers that take turns every other Sunday. St Barnabas Church gives our volunteers a much deserved day off every two months by serving the meal for us. The Volunteers are all a very important part of Hope Street! 

Do You Want To Join The Volunteer Team?

Hope Street CMC - Hope 4 Tomorrow

According to the Stats we have access to, there is an approximate 10% poverty rate and 15% child poverty rate in Medicine Hat. Our city has done an awesome job with addressing homelessness but the fact remains, there are still a very large number of have-nots in our city. These people are our Guests, these Guests are the very ones we are called to serve. Unfortunately, we serve in an area where a larger number of people using our services does not translate positively. The more Guests we have, the more disadvantaged people there are. If the stats translate properly, there are approximately 6500-7000 Hatter’s who fit into this category and 2000+ are children. That is not a statistic we are okay with as a Poverty-Relief Organization.

So the real Hope 4 Tomorrow is that we find increased ways to fulfill our Vision and Mission.

Vision:  Realized Potential through Breaking Cycles of Poverty

Mission:  Hope Street addresses poverty by supplying resources towards basic human needs of the homeless, working poor and disadvantaged population of Medicine Hat. 

That is why we exist and that is why we do what we do. We are passionate and determined that we will follow the words of John Wesley: “We will do all the good we can, by all the means we can, in all the ways we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can, as long as ever we can.” and that is where we find our Hope 4 Tomorrow!

Any Questions? Email us at info@hopestreetcmc.ca

Hope Street CMC - 11th Annual Christmas Meal
140+ Guests Joined Us on Dec 17, 2017
Hope Street CMC - 11th Annual Christmas Meal
It took 45 minutes to serve everyone
Hope Street CMC - 11th Annual Christmas Meal
33 Volunteers Served the Meal
Hope Street CMC - 11th Annual Christmas Meal
Many, Many Desserts Prepared!