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Hope Street CMC - Coldest Night of the Year
Hope Street CMC - CNOY Countdown
Walk Day 2019 has come and gone...

Until we walk...

it's cold out there...

The Coldest Night of the Year is a super-fun, family-friendly fundraiser for hungry, homeless, and hurting individuals & families across Canada. In Medicine Hat we are walking for Hope Street CMC

Hope Street's Fundraising Goal for 2019 - $25,000.00

Coldest Night 2019

Because Paper Does Grow On Trees!!

Hope Street CMC is offering a Mobile Site optimized for your handheld smart device. This site has been optimized to contain all of the following information for the February 23, 2019 Coldest Night of the Year Event:

  • Quick-Links to everything you need to participate, volunteer or make a donation.
  • Coldest Night Details including:
    • 2, 5 & 10km Route Maps
    • Start/Finish Details
    • Event Times
    • Registration Instructions
    • Route Details
    • What to Bring
    • + more…
  • What’s New Postings
  • Event Promo Videos
  • Email Contact Form
  • Pictures of Past Events

The main reason we are offering this Mobile Site is because of the massive amount of paper we are forced to recycle every year because the documents are date specific. We will still have paper copies of maps available for everyone who does not feel comfortable using their mobile device.

You can choose to place our icon on your home-screen and then the mobile site will act like any other App. You will require Data to access the site when you are not on WiFi. Visit:  http://www.cnoymh.ca

Please Note:  Images are optimized for your smart phone, they will appear fuzzy on your computer screen.

Hope Street CMC - Coldest Night 2019 Mobile Site
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If you do not have a team to join then please join our Hope Street CMC Team using the following information.

Hope Street CMC Team Name:  Hope Street Ice Breakers

Team Captain:  Murray Kumm