Meal Supplies


Hope Street uses compostable and recyclable supplies as much as possible in the serving of our meals.



Approximately 3 years ago, Hope Street CMC made the choice to Go Green. What this means is no more Styrofoam supplies for us. This has considerably decreased the amount of waste we are putting in the dump each week. The choice to go to paper products and implement a recycling program for our meal supplies has meant that we are being more ecologically friendly to the environment. This has also meant that the costs of supplied has more than doubled. By donating here, you can help us to cover some of those costs!

We Use:

  • Paper Soup and Salad Bowls
  • Paper Coffee and Juice Cups
  • Plastic utensils
  • Paper Dessert Plates
  • Recycled plastic containers for take home food
  • All plastic bags are reused for take home items

Everything that can be recycled is being recycled!!


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